Hand made of luxurious materials,
Puimond's bespoke corsets are designed
to accentuate all the right curves
with unparalleled durability.

Crafted in quality silks or luscious leathers,
decorated in Swarovski crystals
or finished with with hand-sewn bows,
in styles for any occasion.

bridal   burlesque   fetish   lingerie

Puimond says... (thoughts, news and updates)

Solid Gold Burlesque Swarovski Coset and Suit!

Custom created for burlesque sensation, Tali De’Mar, this design consists of a PY18 Longline Sweetheart corset in silk peau de soie covered with Swarovski crystals, matching zip panties and a tailored sequined suit.  Details and photos in the custom work page.


Featured Corset

Long Overbust py11

The Long Overbust is a true hourglass-shaped corset that supports waist
training. Shown here, fully customized for the holidays, in grey coutil
encrusted with thousands of Swarovski “jet hematite” crystals,
custom appliquéd French lace and trimmed in leather.