Hand made of luxurious materials,
Puimond's bespoke corsets are designed
to accentuate all the right curves
with unparalleled durability.

Crafted in quality silks or luscious leathers,
decorated in Swarovski crystals
or finished with with hand-sewn bows,
in styles for any occasion.

Est. 1997

bridal   burlesque   fetish   tightlacing

Puimond says... (thoughts, news and updates)

Interview with Puimond by Lucy’s Corsetry

A sit down interview with Lucy, who has the largest collection of corset related videos on the internet.  Lucy recently stopped by the studio during her visit to LA and here are some of the topics we discussed.   😄 …


py11 Long Overbust

Featured Corset

Long Overbust py11

The Long Overbust corset features a lengthened upper torso with a sweetheart cleavage line. This corset shows off the hourglass figure beautifully. Photographed here on Miss Miranda by Richard Marz, is a mixed patent leather version available for custom ordering.