Choosing the Right Corset

Corsets are worn for a variety of reasons. They can be a fabulous fashion accessory or sexy lingerie or used for waist training and correcting posture.

To assist you in choosing the perfect corset for you, we have grouped them into categories based on their most popular uses. However, with only a few exceptions, these are really just our suggestions. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Use our Corset Categories list as a guide:

Common Questions About Wearing Corsets

Is wearing a corset uncomfortable?

Corsets are meant to be worn very snug but not unbearably tight. Puimond corsets are made with extra attention to detail allowing curvature to only cinch in the waist and allowing a comfortable fit at the ribs and hip area.

Why are Puimond corsets much more comfortable to wear than most other corsets I have worn?

Simple, most ready-made corsets are cut very rigid on the sides, which compresses the ribs and hips too tightly while trying to cinch in the waistline at the same time. Our corsets allow room for a comfortable hug above and below the waist.

Will the corset stretch over time?

No, all Puimond corsets, including PVC and leather materials, are fused with woven interfacing and cut on the grain. At the center of the corset (waistline), a twill tape is sewn in to reinforce it from any stress.

How small can I make my waist?

It all depends on your body structure and the degree of tightness you feel most comfortable in. We recommend a 3-5 inch reduction.

Which style is most suited for 23-hour waist training?

All of out corsets are constructed for long term wear but for 23-hour waist reduction we recommend either the PY03 Underbust or the PY09 Curvy Underbust. Overbust styles will be too restricting for 23-hour wear. For waist-training purposes we recommend these corsets to be custom made to measure.

Can I eat after lacing into the corset?

Yes, we recommend that you lace into the corset before you eat and eat small portions frequently rather than eating one large portion all at once.

Do I need help to put on the corset?

It is always easier to have someone help, but with practice it will be just as easy to lace yourself as you would with your shoes. Each corset comes with a descriptive care tag that will explain in detail how the corset should be properly laced.

Why do I sometimes have such hard a time closing the front busk?

Most often you may need to loosen the laces at the back a bit more so that the corset encases you without any pulling. It is best to hook the middle studs and work your way up and down.

Do I have to unlace the back before I remove the corset?

Absolutely! If you do not, the pressure may bend and break the busk closure and if it breaks, it’s game over!

Why do I sometimes feel itchy after wearing the corset for long period of time?

While wearing corsets for long period of time the undergarment will absorb body oils. This can cause dry, flaky, itchy skin and sometimes chafing. To prevent this it is best to take care by applying a good moisturizing lotion to your torso before lacing into the corset.

Will the corset prevent me from slouching?

Yes, you will sit straight up with perfect posture as you should be!