Curvy Underbust py09

The Curvy Underbust is the #1 corset style sold for waist-training goals next to the PY03 Underbust.  The hourglass shape of this corset is similar to the PY11 Long Overbust, and PY12 Long Overbust w/ Plunge styles. Cut from 12 pattern panels, the center front length measures 12.75″ and the center back 13″.  Waist to center front bottom measures 6″.  The standard length of this style will fit a front vertical (waist to underbust) measurement between 5” to 6”.  Shorter than 5” should be made-to-measure.

Garters are not included but can be ordered as extras.

Pricing is for the corset in fabric or leather only.  Swarovksi crystal appliqué is available for custom ordering.  The cost to have one made exactly as shown in black satin with siam colored stones is $1950.   The corset collar cape with crystal appliqué is $1880.  Both pieces require a large amount of crystals.

Price / Options

Fabric/Silk $489 Buy Now
Leather $629 Buy Now

Prices in US Dollars

Tips for fitting and wearing:

An excellent style if tight-lacing is on the agenda or simply for everyday wear.

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