Choosing the Right Fabric

We offer a large selection of extremely high-quality fabrics, leathers and vinyls for you to choose your perfect look. Our fabrics include solid colors, prints and brocades, Chinese silk brocades and a premium line of prints and brocades. Our leathers include solids and textures in a variety of colors, and premium patent and super premium full-grain leathers.

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Common Questions About Fabrics and Leathers

Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes, only woven fabrics can be used. Stretch knit fabric is not good for corset construction and velvets do not work well. You can send us a swatch sample in the mail for us to determine if it is suitable. There is a $10.00 discount when you supply your own fabric.  $40 discount for leather.

What kind of fabrics are best for waist training corsets?

Any of the Coutils or Corset Brocades we offer are suitable for waist training corsets.

How do I clean a fabric corset?

It is recommended that you take it to a reputable professional dry cleaner. If you know of, or can find, a dry cleaning specialist that offers hand-dry cleaning, it will be worth the extra cost. If your corset comes with removable garters it is advisable to remove them before any dry cleaning is done because the solutions used can be harmful to the elastics.

How do I clean a leather corset?

Only a leather specialist should clean leather corsets.