Longline High-Cut Corset py20

This design is similar to the PY12 Long Overbust with Plunge and has a 12.75″ center front length and 15″ at center back. It has a higher curved back, lowered underarm, high curved side hips and additional boning for bust support.

Detachable garters are not included with this style but can be ordered as extras.  The bow on the center front shown on the peach satin corset is a custom option for $20.  It also has over 10 yards of cable cording sandwiched in between different parts of the outer satin fabric and inner backing stitched in rows for extra rigidness and visual detail.  To have cable cording incorporated to any corset, price ranges from $140 and up.

Price / Options

Fabric/Silk $629 Buy Now
Leather $779 Buy Now

Prices in US Dollars

Tips for fitting and wearing:

This sexy corset style can be worn as evening wear paired with a long fitted skirt or out to a fetish party. It is also appropriate as part of a lingerie set with matching thong panty and detachable garters.

This style also suitable for: