Contour Cincher py19

The Contour Cincher is a rounded version of the PY01 Cincher. The center front length is 11″ and the center back length is 10.5″, it smoothly tapers down to 6″ at the sides giving a nice feminine shape when viewed from the front side. Patterned from 10 panels, it offers more support in the mid-section and allows more movement to the wearer.

Garters not included with this style but available as add-ons.

Price / Options

Fabric/Silk $429 Buy Now
Leather $559 Buy Now

Prices in US Dollars

Tips for fitting and wearing:

This will fit a variety of body shapes becauseit is a short corset. It is a versatile corset that works well over shirts and dresses as an accessory piece to enhance the waist line over any outfit. It can be worn as a short lingerie corset with matching thong and detachable garters as well.

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