Longline Sweetheart py18

This gorgeous corset is cut from 12 pattern panels and is a cross between the PY12 Long Overbust from the waist up and the PY16 Long Underbust from the waist down. The 12.75″ center front length gives it a nice sweetheart shaped plunge and the center back length is 13.5″. A good choice for those who prefer a full support around the bust and upper hip area.

Garters not included with this style but available as extras.

Price / Options

Fabric/Silk $649 Buy Now
Leather $799 Buy Now

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Tips for fitting and wearing:

An excellent choice for bridal and evening wear. It becomes a dream corset when French lace appliqué and Swarovski crystals are added. Finished with leather edge binding and hand-made center bow, this is truly a corset design to die for! The extra length below the waist gives extra hip compression if laced tight enough.

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