Solid Gold Burlesque Swarovski Coset and Suit!

Custom created for burlesque sensation, Tali De’Mar, this commission consists of a PY18 Longline Sweetheart corset, matching zip panties, and tailored sequined suit.  Thousands of  ‘Golden Shadow’ Swarovski crystals were individually applied to the silk pea de soie corset and the edges were bound with gold leather.  The panties with stretch fabric sides,  unzip from back to front with an open zipper to split into two pieces when Tali performs on stage.  The sequined suit jacket was custom tailored and sized to be worn over the 20″ waist corset.  To have this corset and suit made required up to 6 fittings including mock-ups.

Custom Corded Nude Duchess Silk Swarovski Longline Corset!

A special custom Swarovski crystal and French lace appliquéd version of the Longline High-Cut py20 corset.  The main photo is the finished design with all the individual ‘golden shadow’ colored crystals applied.  The detailed photos only show the corset with 50% of crystals applied.  This design also features many yards of cording detail sewn vertically along the the inner bone channels and also on the side of the corset in a diagonal pattern.  A garter belt and matching thong was made to compliment this corset design for a complete burlesque look.                        Model: Miss Donna Hood

Patent Leather Chastity Corset

Model: Lady Galaxy Craze

This was a special custom creation for Lady Galaxy Craze.  This patent leather corset features removable bra cups and chastity straps with locking tongue buckles that secure the matching thong.  Swarovski crystals and metal spikes adorn the bra cups and matching thong.  Two corset collars were made for this corset to be interchangeable.  In addition to custom pattern work, two sets of coutil mock-ups were made to perfect this design to transform a male figure into a female silhouette.

Burlesque Swarovski Bra & Corset Set

Special custom corset set made entirely from scratch for burlesque performer, Miss Donna Hood. This set includes the popular selling py09 Curvy Underbust in dark red satin, matching bra trimmed with patent leather, black thong and red panties. Thousands of ‘siam’ colored Swarovski crystals individually set by hand in four stone sizes. The black French lace appliqué carefully hand stitched to the corset and bra with custom jet bead detailing. These photos were taken from Donna’s first fitting.  Professional photos will be added soon.

Patent Leather Fetish Corsets

Models: Rannie Rodil in the PY11 & Caroline Aquino in the PY15
Photos: Eric Gea

Here are two custom one of a kind corsets that were created for a fetish fashion show.  The one on the left is the PY11 Long Overbust and the one on right is the PY15 Wicked Plunge.  Both are 100% patent leather in different colors and finishes.  The PY11 has over 50 metal spikes attached to the bust making it more of a menacing corset and comes with a matching bondage collar with O-ring detail.  The PY15 is more of a bondage style corset with four O-rings attached, and the collar has three sets with double snap ended leather leads that will hook onto any of the O-rings.

These are two examples of how any color and type of leather can be used on any Puimond corset style.  Spikes, metal rings and buckles are available for all styles.

French Lace and Swarovski Long Overbust

Model: Morgana
Photo: Iberian Black Arts
This Long Overbust corset was a labor of love.  It took several months (on and off) to create, starting with the leaves of the French lace appliqué which was carefully cut from its net backing with a scalpal blade.  Many hours spent just from trimming alone.  The lace was hand stitched onto the grey coutil corset.  The top portion is covered with thousands of  ‘jet hematite’ Swarovski crystals in five stone sizes.  Leather binding and center bow finishes this creation perfectly.   To have this custom corset made to your measurements with a muslin mock-up with the same finishings will take approximately 6-8 weeks.   Price for this exact style $2950.

Swarovski Bra and Corset Set in Light Siam

Model: Emily Marilyn
Photos: Eric Razo

Thousands of ‘light siam’ colored Swarovski crystals in various stone sizes were individually hand appliqéd to this py09 Curvy Underbust corset and custom bra.  Patent leather exterior bone casings, panty, and edge binding on the corset and  bra add an element of fetish to this beautiful burlesque lingerie look.  Detachable garters and back lacing in matching red complete the look.   To custom order the Cuvy Underbust exactly as shown is $1695.  Swarovski bra is $795 and patent leather thong with crystals is $135.  To see Emily move and tease in this sparkly number, watch the video clip here.

Spiked Swarovski Mermaid Corset

Model: Caroline Aquino
Photo: Eric Gea

This special rock ‘n’ roll inspired mermaid corset is the Longline High-Cut corset encrusted with a ton of Swarovksi crystals in various stone sizes and mixed with 1/2″ length metal spikes. #134 “black on silver metallic scales” fabric was cut for this and the edges bound with patent leather. Available for custom ordering in any variation of fabrics, crystals and spikes.

Swarovski Crystals & French Lace Bridal Corset

Model: Caroline Aquino
Photos: Perry Gallagher

This gorgeous corset was made as a bridal sample for an episode of the hit TLC show, Brides in Beverly Hills (season 1).  The corset style is the py11 Long Overbust, cut from 100% Italian bridal silk satin and adorned with over a thousand Swarovski crystals in “golden shadow”.  The bottom has French lace appliqué that was carefully trimmed and hand stitched. Any corset style can become a bridal corset and to have one special ordered like this will cost $1495 and up.

Mistress Emily Corset w/ Harness

This py11 Long Overbust Corset was inspired by international fetish model, Emily Marilyn. Gloss black leather complimented by red patent leather was used. The Y-front harness is tripple layered and stitched for functionality and durability. Solid steel spikes added for a little menacing touch.  The harness is adjustable in height at the center front and back, and was sized to fit around the corset when tightly laced. The Y-front harness is suitable to be worn alone or with any overbust and underbust corset style.  It is a custom piece and is available for special order for $195. More photos of Emily Marilyn are on the py11 Long Overbust page.