Seasonal Lux Corset Fabrics Available…


Back by popular demand, the smooth cotton grey sateen fabric (in Longline corset photo above) is available.

Grey sateen S-107

Purple and Crimson are new…
Purple sateen S-109

Crimson sateen S-108

Linen cotton blend grey leopard brocade…Grey leopard S-105

Silk velvet with large ornate painted patterns  (15% additional)…Taupe S-101

Red S-102

Purple S-103

Blue S-104

Last but not least, the golden Damask in a beautiful bold and large floral print.  (30% addtitional)…Gold damask S-106


These are seasonal options not available in the online shopping cart system.  Please inquire via

Custom made-to-measure is recommended for these special fabrics.