Curvy Underbust py09 Video Review by Lucy

Just in time when the cherry blossoms start to bloom, Lucy made Puimond the featured custom corsetiere for the month of April with the py09 Curvy Underbust corset on her YouTube channel.    The py09 Curvy Underbust reviewed is Lucy’s first custom Puimond corset made specifically to her measurements.  Lucy is an experienced corset lacer and her ideal Puimond corset size is 22″.  Because her previous standard sized 22″ Puimond corset closed completely at the back, this was customized so that only the lower ribs and waist shaped down to 20″.   Very little was changed to the underbust and hip line on the 22″ py09 corset pattern to allow enough room to accommodate her rib and hip bones but still fitting snug for overall support.  Lucy did not request detachable garters so there are no garter tabs attached but they can be ordered as extras at $10 per pair.  A modesty panel was not necessary because the corset is worn closed at the back but it can be included for an additional $35 for fabric corsets.

Special big THANKS to Lucy for her wonderful review!   🙂

Puimond PY09 Curvy Underbust