How To Lace A Puimond Corset

There are many ways to lace the back of a corset and some tightlacers will argue that their fancy method is the only way.  A lot of homemade and mass produced corsets on the market use weak 1/4″ flat spring steel boning at center back on each side of the grommets.  The flexibility of these flimsy bones will cause the center back panels to curve in and outward when tightly laced, resulting in many people finding creative ways to lace a corset.  Every Puimond corset has extra sturdy  5/16″ flat spring steel bones at the back and can be simply laced as shown in the diagram.

The corset comes laced with two long loops at the waist.  Loosen the laces before putting the corset on and fasten the front busk closure.  Pull the loops gently and tighten the lacing evenly towards the middle from the top and bottom until you are happy with the fit.  Make sure the two back panels are parallel.  The back panels should never be bowed outwards () or inwards )(, and should be parallel and straight to prevent the flat steels from twisting.  This provides a more comfortable fit and prolongs the life of the boning.  The back of the corset does not have to close completely.  This space, called the “spring”, allows room to further adjust the tightness.  To finish, tighten the loops with a few final tugs and tie into a bow, as you would a shoelace and pull all the loops together evenly.