Custom work

Custom Corsets for Claudio Cina Spring 2017 Collection

Look 6

Look 6

Look 6








Look 6: Hand painted metallic leather corset dress (except matching belt) custom patterned and contructed by Puimond.

Look 9Look 9

Look 9








Look 9: Construction of the metallic painted denim corset and applique attached by Puimond.

All materials provided by Claudio Cina for his beautiful collection.


Floral Corset & Vintage Style Bra Burlesque Set w/ Skirt


A design collaboration with Miss Donna Hood.   A springtime fresh peach and white burlesque costume for her shows.   The custom bra has over and underwire and with inner silicone strips to hold-up strapless.   Corset is a mix of peach satin and rose patterned fabric.   Custom panty and thongs included, as well as a made to measure circle skirt with silk chiffon overlay.   Peach colored Swarovski crystals invidiually added to finish the look.

Custom Fitted Swarovski Briefs With French Lace

Made to measure briefs with left side snaps in dark red satin with coutil lining.  ‘Siam’ colored Swarovski crystals individually applied with French lace aplique top trim.   Patent leather binding along the leg openings.  Made to order with up to 5 mock-up fittings for Miss Donna Hood’s Burlesque Swarovski Bra & Corset Set.

Custom Semi-fitted Nude Duchess Silk Swarovski “Boy Shorts”

Made to measure “boy shorts” in Duchess silk satin with knit side panels.   Lined with coutil fabric.   ‘Golden shadow’ colored crystals individually applied.  Made to order with  up to 5 mock-up fittings for Miss Donna Hood’s Corded Nude Corset set.


Leather Garter Belts

Made to order garters available for special order.   Leather $250 Patent leather $290


Puimond Corset Featured In Fox Network TV Show, Sleepy Hollow

A custom made Puimond corset was featured in Sleepy Hollow, season 2, episodes 7 to 11.  Worn by the witch character, Katrina Crane, played by Katia Winter.  The shows costume designer, Kristen Burke, requested the py04 Victorian style corset made with straps cut from 100% cotton coutil and brocade fabric so that they could age dye the hell out of it.  It turned out pretty damn awesome!