About Puimond Corsets

Below is some basic information about Puimond corsets. For more detailed information on selecting the right style, materials, accessories, proper sizing, and ordering, see the specific pages listed under the menu items “Before You Buy” and “How to Buy.”

Busk Closure

Each Puimond corset is hand made from the highest quality materials with exact precision for maximum durability. They are of three-ply construction: selected exterior material (see Choosing the Right Fabric), woven interfacing backing all fabrics and leathers, and imported English cotton Coutil for the inner lining.

Corsets are fully boned with spiral steels throughout the body. Strong flat steels are placed in the center back for rigid support.

All corsets are fastened at the center-front with a busk closure and laced up the back with two long loops at the waist. If no busk closure is desired, simply request it upon ordering. There is no price deduction for this.

Industrial strength two piece grommets are fastened at the back for durability. Black, nickel, bronze and gold colored grommets are chosen depending on the corset color. You can request one of the colors specifically in the comments box of the ordering form.


Every corset will come laced at the back with special corset lacing, the laces are metal tipped at the ends and will last a very long time.

Corsets mold to the body after a short period and the material takes the strain evenly. Once the corset is broken-in, it will fit very comfortably and accentuates the curves only a true corset can produce.

Common Questions About Corsets

Is wearing a corset uncomfortable?

Corsets are designed to be worn very snug but not unbearably tight. Puimond corsets are made with extra attention to detail allowing curvature to only cinch in the waist and allowing a comfortable fit around the ribs and hip area.

Will the corset help me lose weight?

No, the corset only compresses your stomach but it will return to its natural size shortly after the corset is removed. For weight reduction we recommend a consultation with a doctor or fitness professional.

Do corsets stretch?

No, they do not stretch! They are made with woven materials that are interfaced and interlined for total support. Sometimes corsets are made with elastic gussets over the hip or bust area for flexibility but in general real corsets do not stretch but rather mold to your body shape over time.

Are there styles for a male figure?

We have successfully made all styles for men but the styles that most men prefer to wear are the Cinchers and Underbust because they flatter the V-shape physique most men desire. Overbust styles are desired for their restrictive qualities.

Is whalebone still used?

Whalebone has not been used for many years. Nowadays quality spiral and flat steels are used to stiffen corsets.