Burlesque / Fetish

Longline High-Cut Corset | py20

This design is similar to the PY12 Long Overbust with Plunge having a higher curved back, lowered underarm, high curved side hips and extra bust support.

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Longline Sweetheart | py18

This corset patterned into 12 panels is a cross between the PY11 from the waist up and the PY16 from the waist down. A good choice for those who prefer a full support around the bust and upper hip area.

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Long Overbust with Plunge | py12

This ultra-sexy corset is the same as the PY11 Long Overbust but has a deep V-shaped plunge line.

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Long Overbust | py11

This style is designed for those with a bustier chest and longer torso adding extra hip support and offering the added illusion of an hourglass waistline.

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Model: Morgana

Curvy Underbust | py09

This contoured underbust corset has the same low-cut bottom as the PY08, PY11, and PY12 overbust styles and is very suitable for waist training. Our #1 corset style for waist-training.

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Underbust | py03

An excellent style if tight-lacing is on the agenda or simply for everyday wear.

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Plunge | py06

This cute and sexy plunged neckline corset is a popular style for the average height individual for evening wear and lingerie.

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