Introducing the new Contour Cincher (py19)

The new Contour Cincher py19 is a cross between the Cincher py01 and Pointed Cincher py02.  It is designed for those looking for a waist cincher that isn’t too short but not too long all around.  The sexy shape of this design offers something more appealing to the eye compared to many cinchers on the market that are cut straight across on top and bottom.  An easy to wear corset that works well over shirts and dresses as an accessory item to enhance the waist line or simply worn by itself as a lingerie corset with garters.

For a limited time, enjoy 15% off to try this new design.  Use coupon code “15offpy19” at checkout.

Newly revamped Puimond website!

Welcome to the newly and fully revamped Puimond Corset web site! After many months of extensive work editing the entire site, it now features many more categories and a wealth of information to better inform a wider range of corset needs. From one-of-a-kind, to-die-for bridal pieces to extreme hush-hush-make-you-blush fetish corsets, this is the place to order what you desire. This site is designed to help corset virgins easily find their first and, at the same time, simple enough to navigate for the experienced tightlacer looking to order exactly what they want.

Be sure to browse the galleries, including the photo pages of Custom Work and customer photos in the People in Puimond sections. If you don’t see what you have in mind, feel free to inquire.

Thanks for visiting!

A note about Puimond’s bespoke corsetry…

For those of you who’ve wondered to what degree the corsets ordered from this web site will be customized, they’re made to order by style, size and material. That means, you select the corset style you like, the corset size (3-5 inches smaller than your natural waist measurement) and material (fabric or leather). Before clicking the ‘Buy Now” button for your selected corset, be sure to download the male or female measuring chart on the “Measuring for the Right Fit” page, found under the ‘Before you Buy’ menu, and fill it out completely. To ensure the best fit, record your measurements to the nearest half inch. When your order is received and processed, your provided measurements will be double checked. While in the production stage, those areas around the top and bottom of your corset will be adjusted to fit your chest and upper hip portion to provide a snug and proper fit overall.

Muslin Mock-up

For completely custom made-to-measure individual corsets, where a custom pattern is drafted to your detailed measurements, there is a 25% additional cost. This is suggested for those requiring a one-of-a-kind design or a custom fit for an irregular or not-so-standard body shape. Muslin mock-ups are available, and highly recommended, for remote fittings. These mock-ups cost around $110 plus shipping for underbust and overbust styles and more for corset dresses. Mock-ups are a helpful tool to ensure a perfect fit and to finalize an individual pattern before expensive material is cut.