Brides of Beverly Hills

For those of you who are in the US, be sure to check out Brides of Beverly Hills premiering Friday, October 28th at 10pm on TLC. It’s a 13 half-hour episode season following celebrity bridal stylist, Renée Strauss, while she helps big-spending brides from Beverly Hills get ready for their
big day.

Later in the season, on episode 11 or 12, Puimond will be making an appearance to show Renée his corsets at her Beverly Hills bridal salon.  Stay tuned…

How to Properly Remove Your Corset

Always unlace the back of a corset before unhooking the front busk closure. Busks made in China have been getting a bad rap but even the sturdiest busks made in Germany, like the one on this corset, will break with too much stress. Typically, most people undo the bottom hooks first and work their way up. Because this corset was not unlaced properly beforehand, too much stress made the top metal stud pop! Once a real corset is made, it cannot be altered without compromising its strength and quality as a functional garment.

Always take time to unlace the back first.  You’re gonna have to unlace it to put it on again, anyways…