Custom Colored Garters

Technical pictures by Puimond

Description: Custom colored garters are available for special order. A roll of 3/4″ wide satin elastic can be dyed to match any colored fabric for $95.00 and removable garters will cost $15.00 per pair. Plastic garter grips come in black, white and transparent. The corset style shown here is the PY01 Cincher in fabrics #244 light green mixed flowers, #24 red/black cherry blossom, and #01 black satin with red contrast stitching.

Indian Silk Corset and Skirt

Description: This corset and skirt was custom made to measure for Alsana Sin using one long piece of Indian silk fabric she acquired from childhood. It is now being preserved at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in Indiana.

Long Undergarment Corset

Technical pictures by Puimond

Description: This streamlined corset is an extended version of the PY18 Longline Sweetheart made in #68 nude cotton Coutil. The waist measures 24″ to fit a 26″ natural waist with only a 2″ waist reduction. This was designed to be worn under a sheer couture designer gown.

Silk Brocade Coat with Leopard Fur Trim

Description: What was left from the real leopard fur coat (above) was used into the making of this gorgeous silk brocade knee length coat. A pattern was made and then a muslin mock-up was sent to the customer for a fitting before finalizing the pattern. This coat is lined with black silk charmeuse, has snap closures, real vintage fold over cuffs, and includes slit pockets on the sides.

Leopard Collared Suit

Description: This custom one of a kind tailored suit was made to be worn over a 20″ corset and has a matching fitted pencil skirt with a kick-back pleat. The fabric is 100% Duchess silk satin with silk Charmeuse lining and trimmed in real leopard fur from the previous two projects for the same client. The suit jacket is shown unbuttoned because it has a 21″ waist and the dress form is a 22″. Once this suit is properly fitted over a tightlaced corset it has the illusion of a microscopic waist line.

Red Jacket

Technical by Puimond

This jacket with an hourglass waist is made out of a maze patterned silk brocade in the same as the one above but with no fur collar. It comes with a matching pencil skirt not shown.

Green Jacket

Technical pictures by Puimond

Special ordered green Chinese silk brocade made into a dramatic full collared suit jacket. Buttons were custom made from the same silk fabric along with hand sewn button holes. The waist on this jacket measures 22″ and is designed to be worn over a corset.